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Digital Transformation - Start Your Journey Today

The Aga Khan Economic Planning Board for Canada in conjunction with Digital Main Street (DMS), Google and Shopify, is pleased to offer resources for Jamati business owners and managers interested in digitally transforming their businesses to respond to the Covid pandemic. Such resources to assist businesses begin or enhance their digital presence include support services, and digital transformation education.


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The information on this page and its contents are intended for general informational purposes only and are not intended to be professional advice nor the advice of the Shia Imami Ismaili Council for Canada or its boards, portfolios, or local councils, including the Aga Khan Economic Planning Board for Canada. Please seek the advice of a relevant professional advisor in relation to your specific situation.

This page provides two key sources of support:



A public funded organization committed to supporting businesses build their digital presence for better marketing and selling goods and services online.  All educational resources are available to businesses across Canada and the ShopHere, Future Proofing and related Grants are only available in Ontario at this moment. 



A set of resources compiled with Google and Shopify aimed to help increase your digital presence and support digital marketing and start and improve your online store.


Digital Main Street has obtained public funding to provide one to one support services and facilitate public grants to businesses to begin or enhance their online digital presence. If you are an Ontario business, please click below to access programs and grants subject to certain qualifying parameters.

View any of the programs and grants available to better understand program requirements and benefits. Certain programs have registration cycles. 

Should any one program not be available, business owners are encouraged to register and will be notified when the program is active.

Digital Transformation Guide

1. Digital Presence and Digital Marketing​

Leverage digital technologies for business operations & to reach your customers online. Foundational all-encompassing overview and education of the different aspects of operating a business and reaching customers online. 

Who is this for? Those who need a well-rounded comprehensive introduction to digital businesses and reaching customers (marketing and sales) through digital channels. This will cover everything from presence to sales and operations.​​


2. Ecommerce – Start/Improve Your Online Store​

Specifically catered to retail and virtual-retail businesses that want to build an online store, and reach customers. ​

Who is this for? Those who understand the main concepts behind online presence (website and social media profiles, and tools to reach customers online), and who want an in-depth tutorial on setting up an online store.​​


See below for guides and learning resources for each track. We highly recommend you get familiar with concepts in Track 1, as this is foundational knowledge, regardless of if you are in the retail business or not. 

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