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This Week's Office Hours: Alfan Jetha

5:30pm PT | 8:30pm ET
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This Week's Office Hours: Alfan Jetha


Be one of a small group of people to join Alfan Jetha for an informal and intimate dialogue on his career and leadership journey. Alfan will share highlights from his career and answer your questions. Please submit a question and come ready to add to the chat!


Alfan Jetha is a proud husband and father of three. He is driven by his perpetual aspiration to provide solid opportunities, philanthropy, education, resourcefulness and deep-rooted values and principles for his family and the people he surrounds himself with. He is forever grateful and appreciative of his parents' experiences, hardships and learnings endured in order to provide the path and trajectory to which we enjoy our life in Canada today.  

Alfan’s vision and passion for thought-leadership has enabled him to build organizations that have a sense of purpose and dedication to servicing many aspects of the Healthcare industry, while never losing sight of the people and patients ultimately impacted. Alfan, personally has over 25 years of healthcare experience, which allows him to execute strategies in bringing advanced healthcare opportunities to national and global markets. He aligns and surrounds himself with like-minded people who share similar values that encourage improving health and lifestyle for others.

As CEO of RxBIO Corp. and founder of DrugSmart Pharmacy Group and RxSource Corp. - all family & friends operated businesses, Alfan has embraced hard work and success. He is a first-generation Canadian who learned the value of establishing an eye for strategy, strong work ethic, innovative methodology, strength in relationships from his tight-knit, small town family upbringing that has built a name for himself in communities and business networks. Alfan’s personal mantra: Failure is not an option! His determination to always look forward and most importantly, his passion to always surround himself with great people has led him to where he is today.

Alfan graduated from the University of Toronto’s Urban Planning and Business programs. His innate entrepreneurial spirit ignited his desire for perpetual growth in healthcare, technology, private equity and real estate. He is always learning and expanding through exposure to new industries and innovative opportunities. Outside of his day-to-day activities, Alfan serves/served as a dedicated Soccer Dad, Board Member for YPO Toronto, a member of the Board of Governors for Holy Trinity School, Coach (children's teams), and is an active member of the community. When Alfan is not working, you can find him enjoying culinary experiences, travelling, skiing, golfing and playing soccer.

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